Foundations of Buddhist Experience

September 11th – December 11th, 2024
Participants: 30 people
Language: English

Our Foundations course presents the core of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It invites participants into intensive study and practice exploring the three vehicles: the foundational vehicle, the great vehicle, and the vajra vehicle.

All of our programming includes rigorous training in Buddhist meditation techniques, close study of traditional texts, and a variety of activities aimed at applying the teachings in real-world situations. Following the traditional framework of ground, path and fruition, the Foundations course is the beginning of the participant’s learning journey at the Institute.

Module 1: Foundational Vehicle
Drawing from Abhidharma literature,  we will first explore the many elements of awareness and how it manifests in our experience. This module includes topics such as the five aggregates; karma, cause and effect; the eight consciousnesses; and ethical conduct.

Module 2: Great Vehicle
During module 2, we will invesitgate Mind Training (lojong) literature, exploring topics such as bodhichitta, the four immeasurables; and six paramitas. Then, we will dive into Madhyamika literature, looking at emptiness, dependent origination, and the two truths.

Module 3: Vajra Vehicle
During the final module, we look at the Vajra Vehicle. Drawing from Jamgon Kongtrul’s Treasury of Knowledge, this section of the course explores the view of the Vajrayana, as well as practices of pure perception. 

In addition to intimate teachings from Mingyur Rinpoche, each module will include commentary from senior monks from Tergar Osel Ling, classes with international scholars of Buddhism, contemplative sessions with senior meditators in Mingyur Rinpoche’s lineage, and a wide variety of experiential learning activities aimed at bridging the teachings into your daily life.


Prices listed below are inclusive of all costs while at the Institute, including: program costs, course materials, room and board, excursions, and celebrations. They do not include: international flights, visas, traveler’s insurance, personal transportation while in Nepal, donations to program teachers and Osel Ling monastery, and miscellaneous items such as gifts, snacks, etc..

Base rate
$5,500 USD
$3,000 USD (Course fee)
$2,500 USD (Room and board)

Benefactor/Sponsor rate
$7,000 USD
$4,500 USD (Course fee)
$2,500 USD (Room and board)

By paying the sponsorship rate, you directly provide an opportunity for someone to participate who is unable to pay the full rate.

Reduced rate
$4,500 USD
$2,000 USD (Course fee)
$2,500 USD (Room and board)

The number of reduced rate spaces will be determined by the number of participants who choose to pay the sponsor price. This number will be finalized by June 15, 2024.

Scholarship rate
$2,500 USD
$0 USD (Course fee)
$2,500 USD (Room and board)

All programmatic costs are covered by the Institute. More information regarding the scholarship application process will be shared once you have been accepted to the course

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