Firstly, all of our curriculum is centered around original manuscripts composed by Mingyur Rinpoche himself, allowing for an unparalleled training in his meditation system. And, secondly, all Tergar Institute programming is intimate, providing direct contact with Mingyur Rinpoche and his senior monastic teachers and facilitating a transformative container to explore the tradition within. The Foundations of Buddhist Experience course specifically focuses on three topics: awareness, love and compassion, and wisdom. This includes exploration of original texts and traditions central to the Tibetan Buddhist lineage.

Yes! We will be rolling out a multi-year program that covers all the major aspects of the tradition in the years to come. The Foundations of Buddhist Experience course represents the first step in the Tergar Institute curriculum.

Prices listed below are inclusive of all costs while at the Institute, including: program costs, course materials, room and board, excursions, and celebrations. They do not include: international flights, visas, traveler’s insurance, personal transportation while in Nepal, donations to program teachers and Osel Ling monastery, and miscellaneous items such as gifts, snacks, etc..

Standard rate: $4,500 USD

Paying the standard rate helps us cover all expenses related to the program.

Benefactor/Sponsor rate: $6,000 USD

By paying the sponsorship rate, you directly provide an opportunity for someone to participate who is unable to pay the full rate.

Reduced rate: $3,500 USD

The number of reduced rate spaces will be determined by the number of participants who choose to pay the sponsor price. This number will be finalized by June 20, 2023.

Scholarship rate: ~$1,700 USD (final amount will be determined based on housing costs)

  • A limited number of spots available. Additional application materials will be required. 
  • All programmatic costs are covered by the Institute.
  • Please send inquiries to justin@tergarinstitute.org if you would like more information on this application process. 

For more information about pricing and payments, click here.

Our intention is to eventually be accredited. Currently, we are actively exploring accreditation in Europe, North America, and throughout Asia.

You will have the opportunity to study and practice with Rinpoche in small group sessions during the first two weeks of the Foundations of Buddhist Experience course.

Mingyur Rinpoche will join for the first two weeks of the program, providing the pith instructions on the topics that we explore. After this, the broader teaching team will guide participants through an eight-week deepening period of intensive study and practice, aimed at helping participants digest these profound teachings. During the multi-year program, Mingyur Rinpoche will be a featured presenter in each course you take.

Personal practice and study time is critical to the Tergar Institute curriculum. This aspect of our study-practice will help you establish consistency for when you return home.

The Tergar Institute is an independent organization from both Tergar International and Tergar Asia. However, we work collaboratively with both organizations as our missions overlap.

No. There is no obligation to become a Buddhist to participate in the Foundations of Buddhist Experience Course. All that is required is curiosity! The course, however, will be Buddhist focused and will unfold through a contemplative curriculum that is deeply personal in nature.

We do have a small number of single rooms. However, the large majority of participants will be asked to share a room. We will give preference to people with medical situations that require single rooms.

The reality is that Kathmandu is one of the most polluted cities in the world. The good thing, however, is that the Tergar Institute is about 500 feet (or 150 meters) above Kathmandu city, making the air much cleaner. Moreover, the Institute faces out from the city toward the Himalayas, bringing refreshing mountain air.

We highly recommend that all participants visit a travel clinic before coming to the Tergar Institute to discuss preventative medicine.

We require all participants to have travelers’ insurance that covers personal health. In the case of emergency, Institute staff will help you access quality care and help manage any necessary arrangements.

The Tergar Institute monitors major international health organizations, such as the WHO and CDC, and International SOS in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic. We feel at present that the degree and prevalence of risks associated with Covid-19 have lessened to the degree that it is acceptable to continue with an in-person program. We also have relationships with international clinics in Kathmandu should you contract Covid-19 and require care.

We will provide three nutritious vegetarian meals a day, as well as snacks and drinks. Our cooks try their best to accommodate international taste buds, and the food is pretty yummy :).

We will have a range of support staff on the ground in Nepal, helping to support every aspect of your experience.

We will do our best to accommodate students with any food sensitivities and allergies. However, many of the products available elsewhere in the world, such as nondairy milks and cheeses, are not available currently in Nepal. If you have specific dietary restrictions, please contact us directly.